Our Network

Our Network of facilitators includes highly trained psychotherapists and psychologists. They offer different approaches to preparation and integration of Psychedelic and Entheogenic experiences, yet all share deep passion and commitment to these practices and supporting individuals in their process. 


Ido cohen, psy.d, co-founder of the integration circle

Ido offers depth oriented psychotherapy to the bay area out of San Francisco. Ido conducted his doctoral dissertation study for 6 years, researching the integration process of Ayahuasca ceremonies in western individuals, using a Jungian psychology lens. Ido is committed and passionate about supporting individuals engaging in psychedelic, entheogenic and other consciousness expanding practices, as they integrate their experiences to create long lasting and sustainable change. In addition to his psychotherapy practice, he offers individual and group preparation and integration services. 

Krista Rheinhart Mft, PhD

Krista is a practicing depth psychotherapist, energy practitioner, and spiritual counselor.  Krista holds a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and a Doctorate in East-West psychology. Outside of academia she has studied and practiced plant based shamanism, hands on energy healing,  and eastern meditation. Through these practices she uses a holistic approach towards healing and expanding consciousness by working with the body, psyche, and spirit. Krista has been holding integration circles for the past 5 years to support individuals who are engaging in non-ordinary experiences. 


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